Review: Regenerating Facial Day Cream from Mlle Agathe

Snail slime to make your skin sublime: myth or reality? I tested the Regenerating Facial Day Cream from Mlle Agathe to find out.

It isn’t always easy to find skincare products for the face. Our skin certainly needs moisture, and to take care of mine, I need a cream that hydrates my face without leaving it shiny.

I have combination skin : oily in the T zone (the forehead and chin) while my cheeks tend to be on the drier side. Acne marks are also a concern for me.

In January, a friend of mine gave me Regenerating Facial Day Cream by Mlle Agathe. All of the brand’s products are  ‘Made in France’, certified organic ( if you’re francopone, read our mini guide on organic labels here if you haven’t already), and are made of snail slime.

Lovely product packaging

First of all, I find bottle design (for the 30 ml, ‘airless version’) )simple, chic and refined. The wavy white and brown visuals evoke the product’s key ingredient, snail slime; the light blue colour of the label reminds me of freshness and water.  All in all, the package is serious and feminine without being too ‘girly’.  The cream comes out through a white translucide pump. The cover looks the same.  Moreover, once you press down on the pump, a mechanism pushes the cream upwards and out of the bottle. so, you can rest assured that cream won’t  remain in the container. I appreciated that because this isn’t always the case according to the design of the container. Usually, I cut open tubes of cream to get the last of it out because I don’t want to waste any of it. At the back of the bottle, the natural, organic  ingredients and their quantities are indicated:


Mucus extract/snail slime*, emollients and emulsifiers of natual origin, sunflower* and safflower* oils, glycerin, golden seaweed extract, aloe vera* extract, 100% natural fragrance, preservative certified COSMOS organic.

99% of the total of all ingredients are of natural origin.
95% of all plant ingredients are the result of organic farming.
60% of the snail slime extract comes from organic farming.

I never knew about the benefits of snail slime on the skin before. I had my doubts about its effectiveness, scent and texture. According to the brand’s website, the properties of snail slime ‘…are a true treasure of nature, the snail has the ability to heal its self and regenerates thanks to the slime it secretes… The snail slime is presented in the form of an organic, natural and hypoallergenic cosmetic cream. It contains no colouring, isn’t greasy and absorbs quickly.’

So, as soon as I began using the cream, I was plaisantly surprised. The smell reminds my of flowers: natural, fresh, not too strong or ‘perfumy’. The texture is thick and creamy to the touch.

For around three and a half months, I followed the instructions on the bottle: Apply every morning to clean, dry skin.

I found that after applying the cream, the face is covered in a light layer of hydration without leaving the skin greasy, as promised.

Resultat :

Would I purchase this day cream. Yes. I think the product is worth the price since, as I mentionned above, it’s ceritifed organic, ‘Made in France’ and it effective: you don’t have to put a lot of it on – one pump is enough for me. In my opinion, this light, non-greasy cream would be perfect for my combination skin in the summer. For spring, it’s good but I find I need to reapply it at least once during the day. This cream isn’t hydrating enough for me in winter, however.  That’s why I’m excited to test the Nutritive Elixir for Atopical Skin when my skin simply needs a boost of hydration during that season.  I’m curious to see whether that product has a positive effect on my acne mark, as well.

To conclude, I encourage you to test this day cream. You can find the Regenerating Facial Day Cream  (30,00 €, 30ml airless) on Mlle Agathe,s website. Let us know what you think about it.  Stay tuned to our social media accounts because we’ll soon be announcing a contest in partnership with the brand.  Until next time on Naturellement DIY. 😀

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